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Pre-order for Sunday, July 25 is below.

I have a super busy schedule this week with my regular job, so unfortunately I will not be able to make bread this week. I will be back next week with bread though. Some information below about a future “How to make sourdough bread class”.

Some things that a Sourdough class will include (still in the process of organizing this):
1) 6 hour class (from start to finish)
2) Bring home your own starter
3) Bring home your own dough to bake the next day
4) Some treats made fresh for you while you are here
5) Optional equipment costs if you need them to make bread (scale, thermometer, and dutch oven are basics)

Check INSTAGRAM for any possible updates and pictures of my black and white tuxedo cat, Olive

Order Form for Sunday, July 25

*Can only use this location if you have a child at the school **126 West Alamar Avenue, Unit 2

Sourdough Cookies

Sourdough Scones

Sourdough Bread

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Cash, Checks (Emilio Rossi), Venmo (Emilio-Rossi), and Apple Pay currently are being accepted as a payment.