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Pre-order for Sunday, June 20 is below.


The menu has been updated for the weekend of June 20.

Some items to note:
1) Visit Contact Us page if you are interested in ordering treats for your office.
2) I will be offering 100% whole wheat varieties of all my breads for a period of time.
3) Visit Contact Us page if you are interested in learning how to bake bread with me on one Saturday afternoon (fee to be determined, but thinking somewhere between 40 and 60 dollars for a 6 hour class-that is how long it takes!).
4) I am also thinking about how to implement a gift certificate system.

Some things that Sourdough class will include (still in the process of organizing this):
1) 6 hour class (from start to finish)
2) Bring home your own starter
3) Bring home your own loaf of bread to bake the next day
4) Some treats made fresh for you while you are here
5) Optional equipment costs if you need them to make bread (scale, thermometer, and dutch oven are basics)

Delivery will be in the morning or early afternoon depending on where you live since bike delivery takes a little more time.

Check INSTAGRAM for any possible updates and pictures of my black and white tuxedo cat, Olive

Order Form for Sunday, June 20

*Can only use this location if you have a child at the school **126 West Alamar Avenue, Unit 2

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Sourdough Bread

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Cash, Checks (Emilio Rossi), Venmo (Emilio-Rossi), and Apple Pay currently are being accepted as a payment.