Century Rides

In February of 2022, a friend (Greg) and I committed to doing one 100-mile ride per month. I have skipped a few months, but I am in the process of doing some extra rides to make up for the missed months! Unfortunately Greg now has to have shoulder surgery, so he can’t bike on the road for awhile. You can click on the “{Month} {Year} Century Ride” title for the link to the strava route.

February 2022 Century Ride
Century ride in Salinas/Monterey area
Date: February 19, 2022
Route: Salinas to Carmel-by-the-Sea and back to Salinas
People: Paul joined me for 20 or 30 miles
Distance: 100.13 miles
Moving Time: 6:53:43
Elevation: 5,230 feet
Events of Note: I was in Salinas for my sister’s birthday. I decided to ride from Salinas to Carmel-by-the-Sea and back to Salinas. Paul, one of my sister’s cycling friends joined me for the first 20 or 30 miles and then had to turn back. It turned out that it was about 40 miles to Carmel-by-the-Sea, so I decided to add 20 more miles at the end to get to 100 just because!

March 2022 Century Ride
World Vision Century Ride with all Century Riders raising money for Team World Vision
Date: March 19, 2022
Route: Santa Barbara to Malibu
People: Jeff Atlas, Brian Beck, Nicho Loza, Jason Sunukjian, Jai Ranganathan, and Karen Atlas
Distance: 104.46 miles
Moving Time: 6:52:01
Elevation: 3,944 feet
Events of Note: Jai and Karen were our all-stars because they drove the sag wagon and made sure that the rest of us were ok. As a group, we were raising money for clean, easy-to-access water specifically for the area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

April 2022 Century Ride
Made up in October!

May 2022 Century Ride
Group Century Ride
Date: May 21, 2022
Route: Cachuma Lake Loop, out to Goleta, back into Santa Barbara:
People: Greg, Paige, and Zach
Distance: 107.20 miles
Moving Time: 7:31:49
Elevation: 5,699 feet
Events of Note: Paige was part of the world vision cycling team, but couldn’t do the century ride on March 18th. Paige and Zach (her husband) wanted to do a century ride to make up for missing the ride in March, so Greg and I set it up and we all did it today.

June 2022 Century Ride
Century ride with a lot of elevation gain
Date: June 18, 2022
Route: Up and around Gibraltar, down to past Carpinteria, up to Goleta, and back into Santa Barbara
People: Greg
Distance: 101.60 miles
Moving Time: 7:41:10
Elevation: 7,484 feet
Events of Note: It was a hard ride. I am glad that we did Gibraltar first and got that out of the way. Whose crazy idea was it to put Gibraltar in a century ride? Well, both of us, but mostly me haha!

July 2022 Century Ride
Made up in October!

August 2022 Century Ride
Missed 🙁

September 2022 Century Ride
Mammoth Gran Fondo
Date: September 10, 2022
Route: Loop in Mammoth
People: Chelsea, Franca (sister), Eric (sister’s boyfriend)
Distance: 97.16 miles+ (Garmin battery died)
Moving Time: 6:02:02 (Finishing time was around 6:57)
Elevation: 5,446 feet
Events of Note: Saw Chelsea for the first time in 10 years since going to school with her at Cal Poly back in 2012. I also met a couple who were doing the mammoth gran fondo for their 17th wedding anniversary which was pretty cool. My sister and her boyfriend came up to volunteer to help out with the event in order to get admittance for next year’s event for free. They also forced me to go on a hike in Yosemite the day after the century ride which at first I was upset about because it was so dark, early, and I was kinda tired, but it was fun.

October 2022 Century Ride
Missouri Out and Back
Date: October 9, 2022
Route: Springfield, MO to Hartville, MO and back to to Springfield, MO
People: Matt, Lee, and Butler
Distance: 109.63 miles
Moving Time: 7:30:53
Elevation: 4,993 feet
Events of Note: The ride started with Greg (Turbo), Matt, Lee, and Butler. Greg headed back to his house after 10 or so miles. I got chased by dogs on two separate occasions. One of them I couldn’t outrun, so I had to get off my bike. The other time, three dogs chased me for a quarter to half of a mile as I was sprinting down a hill. I also had half a pint of ice cream (when I am exercising a lot, I can eat anything even dairy!) in Hartville, MO as I said goodbye to Matt, Lee, and Butler as they continued on their bike ride across the United States.

October 2022 Century Ride (Make up for April 2022)
Cookie Gran Fondo (Thousand Oaks/Malibu)
Date: October 23, 2022
Route: Around Point Migu and Malibu Creek State Parks
People: Met a bunch of random people on the route
Distance: 112.58 miles
Moving Time: 8:47:43
Elevation: 11,099 feet
Events of Note: Missed a turn and did some gnarly hill repeats to make up elevation and distance. The finish line was also already torn down by the time that I finished. Met some younguns from San Francisco who were doing a road trip. Unfortunately, I forgot all their names, but I ate dinner with them on the grass after finishing.

October 2022 Century Ride (Make up for July 2022)
Mostly solo century ride
Date: October 29, 2022
Route: To Ventura County Naval Base and back to Santa Barbara
People: Two names that I remember are Mike and Matt
Distance: 100.79 miles (40-50 miles with a headwind)
Moving Time: 6:26:42
Elevation: 2,005
Events of Note: Started with a group ride from Yardi (randomly met them at the dolphin fountain at 8:30 am), a local company in town, and then broke off with three guys (one named Matt) until mile 25 where they turned back around to Santa Barbara. In Ventura met a guy named Matt who was riding a single speed bike who works with some of the gals and guys in our SLO office for Ashley and Vance Engineering.

November 2022 Century Ride
Mostly Solo century ride
Date: November 19, 2022
Route: Loops around Santa Barbara
People: Rode with people (Jono, Paige, John, Rick, and Jai) from church for Team World Vision training ride for 1.5 hours
Distance: 4,347
Moving Time: 6:41:07
Elevation: 100.17 miles
Events of Note: Started early-mostly uneventful.