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I didn’t get a chance to post about the week of the 6th last week. Last week, I made Molasses and Honey Sourdough Bread and Sourdough Butterscotch Chip and White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Everything turned out really good, and I was pleased with the results. The biggest things that inspired me were some of my customers who bought bread for others and how much one of my friends helped me with a small wood working project.

First, one of my customers, Kiki Wells, had received free flowers from a house right off the Santa Babarara bike path where it goes through a neighborhood. She decided to purchase a loaf of bread for that house. It was amazing to see the kindness between two people who don’t even know eachother.

Second, a friend of mine, Jamie Chilton, helped me make some extra shelves for the refrigerator that I am using to cold proof my breads overnight. I gave him a pattern and then he cut them out on his saw. Also, this was after he had cut his finger open on that same saw (I made sure to ask him if it was ok for him to work on it, and he insisted).

Overall, it was really cool to see this kindness in others. My favorite part of the week was delivering bread to my customers after everything was baked and packaged. Below are some of the pictures of the products that I made last week.

This week, I made Sweet Potato/Yam Sourdough Bread and Sweet Potato/Yam Pies. I made a huge improvement with my efficiency and spread out the baking so that I wasn’t rushing through all the tasks. I baked the pies on Friday, delivered most of the pies on Saturday morning, and delivered bread on Sunday.

There were also some experiments. I made sourdough pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants) with chocolate made by one of my neighbors. This will definitely be going on the menu when I can master the recipe. Sourdough croissants will probably also be offered at some point.

The second to last picture below shows yam, pumpkin, and strawberry pies. I had extra filling and was testing out baking times and temperatures before making them for customers. And of course the pies had sourdough pie crust :). The last picture shows my strava route that I took on Sunday-I made the mistake of not bringing food. My bike was getting heavy with all the bread on it, and I ended up skipping lunch on accident. Also, it was pretty hot during my deliveries, so that didn’t help, but at least I had plenty of water.

Next week I am making my traditional sourdough bread, sesame sourdough bread, and sesame seed cookies. If you are not already, follow me on instagram to get updates on the weekly menu, baking, and delivery.

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