General Update

This week, I made 20 loaves of Muesli Sourdough and a little over 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies. My simplified menu made it way easier to produce a larger quantity, and I surprised myself with the result. It got me thinking about how far I have come with baking sourdough bread. The pictures below include a photograph from an apple juice sourdough bread that I made a few years back as compared to the muesli sourdough that I made this week. It is crazy to see how much progress I have made.

For those who haven’t seen me on my deliveries, I took a picture of my bicycle (Margaret Destiny Lampoon) that I use almost every day. I zip tied a free plastic basket to my rear rack a month back, and I haven’t removed it yet. I have even gone half way up Gibraltar a few times with the basket on it because I don’t want to remove the zip ties.

One really exciting thing that I learned is that one of my neighbors makes homemade vegan chocolate. Because of that, some experiments involving sourdough pan au chocolat will now begin :).

This next week, I will be making a molasses honey sourdough bread and white chocolate chip and butterscotch chip cookies. If you want cookies to be delivered Saturday morning (Fourth of July) let me know when you order them. The sourdough bread will be delivered on the Sunday because I won’t have time to get everything mixed on Thursday after work. My recipe involves two hours of autolyse, six hours of bulk ferment with stretch and folds, 18-24 hours in the fridge for the final rise, and 50 minutes in the oven. It takes awhile, and it is difficult to work around my full-time job at Open Air Bicycles on State Street.

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