General Update

Quick update for the week. This week went a little smoother. After implementing the weekly menu, I was much more organized, made a much better and consistent product, and delivered all of my bread to customers by bike because I wasn’t running late on Friday. I seem to have deleted some of my pictures from my iPhone, but I found a few.

There is a Facebook group called The Micro Bakery Connection, and I had some help with completely using the home oven-so baking four loaves of bread at once rather than just two. I was nervous, but it turned out way better than I expected. The Facebook group has been an awesome resource for bouncing questions to others and learning from others who are doing something similar to me. Other Facebook groups that I am part of include Perfect Sourdough and Sourdough Bakers. Now whenever I open my Facebook, I pretty much just see sourdough questions and pictures of amazing sourdough loaves.

There were also some experiments this week. I made sourdough white chocolate chip banana bread and an amazing sourdough pizza pie from a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated. The sourdough banana bread was a little too sour for most people’s tastes, but I loved it. I modified the recipe from Cook’s illustrated to make the pizza sourdough with a 73% hydration percentage as stated by the recipe.

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