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Starting next week, I am implementing a baking schedule where I bake one or two types of loaves and one or two types of pastries per week. The reason for this is to create larger batches of single items and to create a better, more consistent product. I had received some advice about this from a guy named Sam who has been doing something similar to me in San Luis Obispo. He is super nice and took take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me on the phone for 45 minutes to an hour – I am super appreciative. HERE is his website – you should try his bread if you are in San Luis Obispo.

The baking schedule will be located that the bottom of the HOME PAGE and the WEEKLY MENU. I will still take special requests. For example, if you want a sourdough cake or sourdough cookies for a birthday, I can still do that. Below is my schedule for the next month:

  • June 12 – Traditional Sourdough Bread, Sesame Seed Sourdough Bread, Vanilla Scones
  • June 19 – Guinness Beer Sourdough Bread and Italian Sesame Seed Cookies
  • June 26 – Muesli Sourdough Bread, Focaccia Bread, and Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • May 3 – Bagel Sourdough Bread, Butterscotch Cookies, and White Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • May 10 – Traditional Sourdough Bread, Yam/Sweet Potato Sourdough Bread, and Sweet Potato/Yam Pies

This week these were the items that I baked for customers:

  • Focaccia Bread
  • Guinness Beer Sourdough
  • Traditional Sourdough
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Muesli Sourdough
  • Experiment-Purple Yam (pink) Bread

There were a lot of small batches, and it was honestly pretty overwhelming, but I got it done. Also, I figured out some packaging with the help of a friend of mine (Jamie Chilton). He sat down with me and helped me to create a temporary template while I try to find packaging to purchase.

One of the exciting experiments that I ran this week was making a purple yam bread. I had made a Purple yam pie for one of my customers and had the broth left over from boiling the yams. Instead of throwing out the liquid from the boiling process, I used that in the bread. The bread tasted similar to others that I have made, but it had a really cool pink color when cut open.

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