General Update

This week was pretty exciting in terms of things that I baked. The baked goods included

  • Traditional Sourdough Bread (was supposed to be sesame seed sourdough-oops)
  • Guinness beer sourdough bread
  • Focaccia bread with and without toppings
  • Bagel bread sourdough with honey and molasses
  • Sourdough carrot cake with vegan buttercream frosting (strawberry frosting for the lettering)
  • Purple yam pie with sourdough pie crust
  • Vegan vanilla sourdough scones

It was a lot of fun to experiment and especially make a sourdough carrot cake for a friend (granted I don’t know the least about frosting typography). The scones came out really well too, and I fixed some issues with my focaccia bread from the previous week. Also, I experimented with different scoring patterns for my sourdough loaves as seen in the first picture. Overall, I call that a win!

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